Always Believe, never lose faith and keep moving forward


Non-Profit Group

Th Autism Resource Foundation is a 501 C3 non-profit.  We started the foundation as we started our journey with our special needs son.  The challenges we faced trying to find various services for our son were beyond belief.  We didn't know where to start!  As we began to navigate through the process we realized there was a need for someone to initially help others like ourselves, begin the journey. That's when we created the Autism Resource Foundation.


We Believe in Community

Our foundation started out gathering information about local service providers to help families who had children on the autism spectrum.  We have met and partnered with other parts of our community to create a larger community of like minded people who have a passion for helping.  We participate in many other charitable efforts with other non-profit organizations to help our community as a whole.  We believe that we are in this together and that our collective efforts are what make a difference.


Our Mission

 The Autism Resource Foundation helps families seek out and find services for their special needs children and young adults.  We also help families who may not have the means to obtain services. Partnering with the community to make the process a little easier.  


Helping Families


Our goal is families find service providers for their special needs child or young adult.

Providing Information


With tons of resources available to us, we can assist you with finding service providers, doctors and dentist.  We can even help you find other services that are special need friendly.  Barbers, play areas, special events and more!

Sharing the Journey


We share the stories of the amazing journey's of some of our families with you.  They open up their hearts to show you that you are not alone.

Special Events


We have annual events so that families can meet, connect and create a sense of community.



We use a team to gather information and make it available to you to help save you time.

We're In This Together


Here at the Autism Resource Foundation, we want for you to know that you will not travel this journey alone, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

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