A.R.F. Programs

Within our foundation we have many different programs available to assist our community.  It truly is a privilege to help out families and be a source for them to turn to should they need us. We are working on expanding into greater areas of need by creating new programs.  We are able to do this by constantly listening to our community as needs change for families.


Computers For Autism

Computers For Autism is a program we created from the start of our foundation.  This seemed to be one of the common factors for some families who couldn't afford an I Pad or a personal computer. We started strictly by donations as we were able to donate computers and tablets for families as well as schools.  This program is very near and dear to our hearts as our son started using his computer to communicate.  It can change so much for someone who once had no ability to communicate to actually be able to express their wants and needs.  With the new apps and programs available for tablets, it has created a much easier street to navigate.  

Parent Partnering Program

The Parent Partnering Program is an affiliation with HOPE Group.  The families are partnered up with each other and will be able to help each other with respite and rehab. This program allows families to create a support system for both families while earning money at the same time. It allows parents to be trained and certified to work with another special needs family.

All In For Autism

All in For Autism is our annual fundraiser.  We have a Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament to benefit all the programs of our foundation.  We provide food and there is a live auction (because silent ones are too quiet!) and we have a great time seeing old friends and creating new ones.   

How Can I Help?

If you would like to participate in any of our programs please contact us by phone or via email.   We would love for you to join this amazing community of awesome families and supporters.